Friday, March 30, 2007

Shhhhh I'm sleeping

I always knew I liked my sleep but it wasn't until having a baby that I really cherished sleep. I now long for it, crave it, lust for it, but I can't have it.

Yesterday I was at work, in the bathroom doing my thing when I look up and realize that I locked the door. I locked the door so that it was open to everyone. So that someone can hear me peeing, what if I had been doing something else (like looking at my c-section scar, not that I do that at work?!?). When I leave voice mails for people I find that I sometimes slur my speech, and I haven't even been drinking!

Today was the first time that I was slowly able to process that I have not slept one solid night in 6 months, and yes I do want a medal. A big fluffy medal labeled Temper-Pedic (that bed rocks). Other parents look at me with that look that they know, but better me than them.

I can't wait for my little muffin to get to an age where she can lounge with us in bed, read a great book instead of eating it and relax. When is that age??

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