Friday, December 7, 2007

Breaking and Entering

So I go outside to get the mail, when I go back to the house the door is locked. Now if you didn't know I know NO ONE. Thank God the baby was at daycare! Today is also the day that my husband was at an off site meeting, almost an hour away.... so I walked to my husbands office in my PJ's with my ghetto ass ugly ass shoes. No shower, no real clothes, no phone, no house keys, no car keys.

The hub's co-workers were in the office eating. Did I mention that two of the three employees are prisoners?? I'm sure I did. So we did what any normal person would do, we drove to my house and broke in. Two men in white uniforms with black block lettering on their backs declaring them Alabama State Prisoners jimmied the window open and slid in laughing about how this isn't the first time they had done this?!?

They kidded with me how by the time I went to the bathroom they could have had all my furniture and electronics out of the house. I laughed along and proceeded to run through the house putting all the window locks on. If I ever lock myself out again I am really screwed, I'm making this place Fort Knox.

What did I do today? I helped people commit an act that apparently can give you 5 years behind bars, but don't worry "they wouldn't do me like that"! I'm getting renters insurance ASAP.


Amy said...

Oh golly. That is funny.

I don't blame you for locking up the place. I give you major credit for asking for help. I probably would have stayed outside all day.

I locked myself out of our apartment once. My husband was at work, J was napping. I went out on the balcony to get something and shut the slider behind me. It locked. I was on the second floor. It was early Spring in Michigan, and I had no coat on. And I was 6 months pregnant and had to pee. THAT SUCKED!

Loralee Choate said...


Becky said...

Ugh! What a day. I'm glad your hubby is on such good terms with his co-workers already though! ;-)

Sizzle said...

how ironic!

you could always hide a key outside somewhere. that's what i used to do because that's something i would do- lock myself out accidentally.

Lisa said...

That is a riot!

misha said...

ahh...I live in a condo and the door shuts behind me like a hotel door. Thankfully it is not electric! I always lock myself out when I am waiting for the elevator, remember I forgot something - run back in and out so as not to miss the elevator and then realize i dont have my damn keys in my hands or pockets. grrr. luckily i live next door to a giant hotel and their little plastic keys are a perfect tool to break into my place. I used to keep one in a hallway sconce but someone moved it. they never mind giving me the blank keys. What really sucked was when I LOST my only set of keys. I could only get my mail if i was around when the mail lady was and kept my door unlocked for like a month. I really trust my bldg security.