Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Guardian Angels

My sister is away at school getting her masters in education in North Carolina and lives with four people in a lovely older home with wooden floors, sticky doors and a nice neighborhood feel. Last week while in her room (which is up a narrow staircase)she heard what she thoughts was one of her roommates trying to get in the front door. She went downstairs, called their names, opened the front door to find no one there. She went back to her room. Shortly after a man opened her bedroom door on his hands and knees and started crawling in. She screamed, he ran out, she ran out of the house and called the police.

After a couple nights of having people sleep on her floor, sleeping at people's houses, using mild sedatives she is fine. Her stocking will be stuffed with pepper spray and a lovely tazer.


After dropping the ex at the airport on Monday in an uncharacteristically brief good bye the baby and I quickly got on the highway to head back home. While looking in my side mirror I saw the car two cars back fly up into the median, take flight, flip on its side and hit the ground back onto its wheels. Ten cars then scattered to avoid hitting the wall and the car. Then there were no more cars around us.


Last Tuesday I officially got my new shiny label as "divorcee". It is not a cool club, or a club I ever wanted to be a part of but damn its a big one ;)


As I had my arms up to the elbow between an animals skin and meat I realized how much I was looking forward to the holiday season. I am ready to shed this past year, sing some cheesy yet comforting songs, string some lights and enjoy my family.

I am blessed beyond belief.


t2ed said...

Why was he crawling?

Maybe some kung fu lessons too. Or at least a Bruce Lee DVD.

Skyzi said...

We think he was trying to open the door to sneak up on her without being detected.

We will be renting Kung Fu Panda

Sizzle said...

Scary stuff! I hope your sister can find a self-defense class. Not just for the techniques but to help bolster her self-confidence. Having pepper spray is one thing but having it nearby when something happens is another. I know I am biased since I teach self-defense but I highly recommend taking a class. I am glad she got away.

Becky said...

I'm glad your sister is ok and I hope your new year will be awesome. Do you have a pickle to put on your tree?

peach said...

i'm horrified. and ok, not that she shouldn't have screamed and ran away, but what was all that wrestling for if not for moments like this?!

Anonymous said...

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