Monday, July 9, 2007


WARNING: The following material may be offensive, crass and cause you to question parenthood.

So this morning yet again I was blown away by what I now do in the name of parenthood. Can I get a drum roll??

I sat on the toilet and took a crap with my daughter sitting in my lap while singing and waving toilet paper in the air like a flag.......

...and this isn't the worse thing I have had to do in order to maintain my daughters attention.


Sizzle said...

hey, it's what you gotta do! :)

this morning while i was taking my morning pee my cat decided to NOT use the litter box and instead peed on the rug, right in front of me. the rug that lays directly in front of the litter box!

being a pet mom has its pitfalls too.


Mrs. Flinger said...

LOL!! Glad I'm not alone.. ;-)