Friday, September 14, 2007

It's Friday

Today while waiting in line I was captivated by this guys tattoo. It was a bold yet simple graphic design around his elbow. Living in Miami in the land of the short sleeve shirt this is a MAJOR commitment. As I chit chatted and told him how much I loved it, and asked my 10 mandatory questions (ex. did it hurt, what does it mean etc.) I thought about the other questions that I have that I would never ask aloud:

What does he do professionally? Does he think he is going to be judged by people? Does he plan on living outside a major city?

I think these things because a little (tiny) piece of my would like to say screw you "I do what I want" and die my hair random colors, wear cool artsy t-shirts on a daily basis, get some tattoos and forget conventional thought of what I am supposed to do and look like.

Knowing that I am someone who at times can desire things for the mere fact that I am not allowed or not supposed to, I have a hard time differentiating what I truly want. Living the life I live now none of the above things would work. Corporate America doesn't want rainbow bright in their offices. I don't know how people relate the visual to the mental but they do.

My real motivating force is that if I changed my look so drastically I might be forced to follow a path that I might really enjoy. I could blend in with "the artsy" people, live an alternative existence. Do you know how much better the music is?!?


Sizzle said...

i wish i was more unconventional. i live in a pretty hip city and an even hipper neighborhood in that city so... i sometimes feel like i could be edgier. i've always wanted to be more punk rock.

amber said...

you shouldn't do stuff that makes you "artsy". you should do it because it makes you happy. if that looks like a blend of j.crew and hot topic, so be it. if that looks like quitting your job to take half the pay doing something you love (and you can still feed your family), do it. it's just money.

don't change your look "drastically", though. it wouldn't be you, it would be you trying to look like something you thought was cool, which is lame. just do stuff you like. semi-permanent hair dye isn't a big deal... :)