Thursday, September 6, 2007


#1 Reason (for today) that I am not allowed to watch scary/ ominous movies:

This weekend we are going out of town, to the country if you will. We are meeting some people for the first time (will expand on that in the future). While these people sound lovely over the phone and I'm sure are fabulous southerners, what is to say that they are not actually psycho killers who are luring us there under false pretenses? To the middle of no where. Where no one will find us. To maim us, torture us and then chop us into little pieces?

This is also the #1 reason I don't have a firearm. The mind can do crazy things, especially after you watch movies with stalkers, with pedophiles and all around not nice people.

Onto lighter topics, what does it mean when you are fantasising about a Paula Dean hamburger recipe while on the elliptical?


Becky said...

Thank you for your prayers.

I draw the line at Ghostbusters as scary movies go. I recently started watching Dr Who and am hoping to come out unscathed. Have fun this weekend and be sure to post by Sunday night so I don't have to call the cops. :-)

Amy said...

Ok, I'm getting a little concerned now. I'ma call 911.

This is a transcript of an actual 911 emergency call*:

911: 911. Do you have an emergency?

Me: Yes, Skyzi has gone missing.

911: Ok ma'am stay calm. Skyzi who?

Me: I don't know her last name.

911: Ok, ma'am. Can you tell me where she lives?

Me: Yes, she lives somewhere in Florida, I don't know exactly where. You see, she's got this blog and she was going to meet these people and she hasn't updated her blog in almost a week now...

911: < dial tone >

*or not.