Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Days of Halloween past

While reading Rockstar Mommy's post about Halloween I remembered what Halloween used to be like.

As kid it was an opportunity to gord myself on candy while having my mom yell at me to put on my winter coat because it was cold outside. That winter coat always ruined my damn costume. Have I mentioned that I was a gypsie/ hippie every year. I was boho before there was boho...yeah?!?

Trick-or-treating lost its appeal sometime around middle school when being back home before dark was so not cool, or maybe it was my finally realizing that a 5'4" yellow tweety bird costume wasn't cute, on anyone. High school was finally the time when I was able to "go to a friends house". Shaving cream and eggs were always on cars and in our driveway the night after and it was about time I roamed around with my own eggs and shaving cream.

I should mention that in high school I was friends with a wide selection of thin, petite females who in their heads were bad asses. I too had that same mentality but was not of the genus thin.* So yeah, three of us decided to go out into the streets and walk around to see what was up. We took a male cousin for backup but really because he was our only male companionship and because I wasn't related to him he was super cute! (this entire post makes me sound like a twelve year old girl) So four bad asses walking down the street giggling, acting ridiculous, until twenty real bad asses started walking toward us all in black hoodies with hands in their pockets. By the time the words "don't run and look scared because they will come after us" had left my lips and I turned around, my three friends were already running in the opposite direction and half way down the block. This was about the time I saw the eggs start hitting the pavement. In that moment I became Marion Jones, performance enhancing drugs and all and I ran. I ran like my life depended on it because at 15 I thought it did. After realizing my legs are short and there is no way I can outrun 20 people I began to bob and weave into neighbors yards. I waited behind an AC unit for what seemed like forever until I heard a friend of mine calling my name.

We all laughed (nervously) but because we had each other and were oh so cool we then decided to get some eggs. The run had left us scared so we proceeded to stand in the driveway and wait for cars to pass by so we could egg them. Looking back, this entire concept is wrong on so many levels (in your own driveway so someone can tell your parents, completely open to counter attack etc.), I would be such a better delinquent now! So yeah, in our excitement we went through about half a dozen just having them crack in our hands. Then the first car went by, the windows rolled down and they egged us. We were egged in our own driveways by a moving car and all we had to show for it were egg stained clothes and egg hands, and then they doubled around the block and did it again. This pretty much raps up my life as a juvenile delinquent, sad but true.

Now with the baby we have a clean slate with Halloween. For the next couple years it will be the lovely clean candy holiday complete with costume.....just keep those eggs away from me!

*As a side note I am still friends with almost all of them and they are still bad ass bitches!


Em said...

Was that me? And is it a bad sign that I cant remember if that was me or not???

julia said...

oh my god im in vivs blog! im famous! that story makes me laugh and feel sad for my teenage self all at the same time

Skyzi said...

That is totally the two of you! It's funny that it takes a Halloween story to bring people out of the woodwork.