Tuesday, October 16, 2007

When I get old

So I'm at the gym trying to keep my sweat from not hitting the others when I notice that besides myself there are three other people. One woman has an ass you could bounce a quarter off (meanwhile all I could see when looking at her was her camel toe)and two women were between 75-80.

I am all about staying fit at any age but this was insanity. One of them was on the bike with no shoes and the other was stretching in such a manner that at any moment she was going to fly into another machine. I have not to my recollection been someone to make fun of the elderly but I couldn't help smiling. It made me think about what I wanted to be like when I get old, like 90 old.

I want to be the old lady jamming out to music, any kind of music even if you cant hear it.
I want to be the lady with the crazy hair/clothes/jewelry who you recognize because I don't give a damn and "I do what I want".
I want to enjoy my family but not be a burden.
I want to spoil people to the best of my ability.
I don't want to leave money to people, I want them/me to enjoy the money while I am alive.
I still want to travel, because I will never see it all and as long as these legs of mine work(even if its slow as hell or without shoes) I want to keep moving.
I want to take classes for kicks and to mess with the younger students.
I want to look back at a life well lived, full of laughter and the occasional tears.
I want to be proud of my accomplishments and revel in the lives that I have helped enrich.

What do you want?


Rimarama said...

I love the one about you taking classes and messing with the younger students. I remember always being really annoyed with the "older, non-traditional" students (read: people in their thirties and forties) in my college classes. I would totally be one of them now!

P.S. You said "camel toe"! HA!

Jeff Keith said...

LOL! That is a great post. I want to be a lot of the same things you want to be in my old age (especially a blessing to my family)!

I almost spit my coffee when I read your description of "camel toe" girl!

Alora Cheek said...

I totally look forward to being so old I don't give a damn! Yee-haw!!!