Friday, October 17, 2008

I generally don't talk politics, because it gets heated and I've seen way too many Dr. Jekyll/ Mr. Hyde moments to willingly walk into it but after reading this I am all fired up (in a good way). This is the first week I have actually started to voice my opinion.

My take on voting and family/ friends is that I don't mind who you vote for as long as you have very clear reasons why you are picking one candidate over the other. Because, is NOT a reason. If you are not ready to talk about it, don't f-in ask me who I am voting for. If you need to spend 45 minutes digging into your purse to find your list of reasons maybe you need to pick issues that are a little closer to your heart.

I spent 15 minutes schooling my brother that at the ripe old age of 19 he is no longer aloud to just go along with who my dad is voting for. He started to prattle off "reasons" which consisted of telling me that one party doesn't do charity work???? Really???? So we had it out and then he went online to look at what I was talking about and I was proud of him for at least wanting to learn and be informed.

When I asked why my mother was voting for a certain party she looked at me, made a funny face, paused and then said their stance on partial birth abortion. Because I know her and because I know what her actual day to day issues are I questioned her. (I am not making light of that issue) With all the things she is struggling with like inadequate health care, college for my brother, school for my daughter (like the fact that I can't send her because I don't have the money), lack of resources etc. and the fact that I have never heard her discuss this issue except during an election year I couldn't believe that is her supposed make or break.

I'm sure more of this will leak out in the future but these times....they are crazy!

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Sizzle said...

Good for you! I'm lucky in the sense that my closest relatives are all on the same political page as me. I'm sure it's not easy to talk about these heated topics with loved ones even though it's important. Teaching your brother to find the facts is fantastic!