Thursday, October 23, 2008

This collar itches

Yesterday I was on the phone with a candidate for a position that I have open and we were chit chatting. Because it was late in the day, I was OK with hearing his life story, hearing his spin on the market and a whole lot more blah, blah, blah. In conversation and his discussion of the south it did come up that I had spent some time in Alabama.

J*: "How the hell did a nice girl from NY (he is in NY) go from Miami to Alabama?"
S: "My husband got a job there"
J: "Ohhhhhh, he put the leash back on you and pulled (chuckle, chuckle). That makes sense now!"
S: "..........(the only sound was my brain oozing out of my ears after my head exploded)"
J: "When you come into town you should let me take you out for some drinks"
S: ".........."
J: "When are you coming?"

*J stands for big old jackass!!!


t2ed said...

Wow. Real wow. I guess he'll be picking up his award from NOW in the next few weeks.

So when does he start?

Sizzle said...

The only time leashes are allowed to be talked about is when we are talking about dogs. Or S & M.

Becky said...

So, not so much got the job, right?