Wednesday, May 9, 2007


We are back, the flight back was so much better. I think the baby could feel that one peep and her mom was going to fall to pieces.

It was nice to see people that I have missed and to introduce them to the baby but we took on too much.

I cant remember if I mentioned this but one of the goals of this trip is to start the process of selling the NY apartment. We also went into the city to sell some jewelry for my parents.

All of the above items are laden with memories and nostalgia and things that I thought I would never have to part with. The costs far outweigh the benefits and rationally everything that we did makes sense. Emotionally it was very taxing.

Emotionally taxing + walking my ass off + baby + husband + my mother + meeting 30 people + walking some more= cranky, cracked out, grumpy wife/mother/worker bee.

So the past couple days have been completely unproductive on all fronts. I have even digressed and have begun drinking regular coffee to try to keep the energy up (just one cup in the morning)(it does not seem to be effecting the baby).

We did do a lot of fun stuff complete with documentation in pictures. Maybe for mother's day I will have some dedicated time to upload those beauties. Mhmmm, start holding your

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