Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Let's talk about sex baby

Ok, so I figured now that I am married, have a baby and am "settled" I thought that I was done with those uncomfortable mom questions. So today while I was getting ready to leave the baby with my mom she says:

"Did you have sex with people before(my husband's name)??"


I swear I would have told the woman I was still a virgin if only I didn't have my daughter in my arms.

I feel like you may need background. I was raised in a very religious home. Looking back I am glad I was raised with those nice values but needless to say sex was not a discussion. It was implied that until the good Lord God came down and blessed me with a husband, sex was not something I would be partaking in (all the heathens say muahahahaha).

Even though I have been bred to think of sex before marriage as a mortal sin I realize that for the sake of my female children (no worries, only one right now being that I can only have sex for procreation ;) I am going to have to be more comfortable discussing the topic in a less scandalous context.

Yes I dish with my girlfriends/ guy friends about sex and enjoy sexuality but in terms of discussing it as a serious topic, never! I swear I am turning red just writing about the topic. My husband has already let me know all those "girly" issues are mine to handle. I don't see how sex is merely a girly issue considering all parties involved but I agreed. He will just have to second me when I tell her how evil and perverted men are, except of course for her perfect father.

Taking a mental consensus of how my friends parents dealt with the sex talk doesn't help. I had one friend whose mom would tell her "NS, NS" before she would go on dates with her then boyfriend, to translate it means No Sex, No Sex. I had other friends whose parents bought them sex books as pre teens and instructed how to use condoms with bananas. Then I had another friend whose parents had a naked people book in the basement that of course we found as young teens and would stare at in confusion and interest as opposed to lust.

So now that you know maybe a little too much about me it's your turn. How was sex spun to you?

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Sizzle said...

i wish my mom had talked to me about sex. she didn't even know i was sexually active until over a year into it when she got my younger sister birth control. i had a boyfriend for over a year and she never talked to me about it. it pissed me off! i am just lucky that i didn't get pregnant at 17 cuz that would have been really complicated (my boyfriend from that time is now one of my best friends and gay gay gay). :)