Tuesday, May 22, 2007

My Boobs!

Ok, now that I am hitting the almost eight month mark I have noticed that people are continually asking me "when are you going to stop breastfeeding". With the amount of questions I am receiving you would think I was whipping them out every two seconds with my kid strapped to my back.

With the exception of my boss (he walked into my office while I was mid pump even though I had a sign on the door saying DO NOT COME IN....yes it was awkward, yes we both turned beet red and yes my whole office knew two seconds later) and immediate family/ close friends I have yet to expose myself.

I do not breastfeed in public unless it is an emergency (like when we went to NYC and my husband decided I HAD to breastfeed at the Mets game, in reality I think he just wanted to see my boobs on the jumbotron) so I am not pushing my breastfeeding reality on anyone uncomfortable seeing a boob (and yes even though I breast feed it makes me uncomfortable to see someone else doing it??).

So why?? Why do you (no, not you.....YOU!) care if I still do it? Why as my DR. are you looking like I have three heads when I tell you I still feed her the boob? Isn't it doctor recommended?

Additional facts/ statements:
-She does not have teeth
-When she does, I do not know what I will do
-Because I give her the teet (as my husband likes to call it) at age 7 3/4 months it does not mean I will be breastfeeding at age 10.
-She is eating Gerber foods
-I do give her formula when I have no pumped milk
-I get crazy on the weekends and don't always pump
-I am not talented enough to pump both boobs at the same time.
-Therefore pumping does take forever and is slightly cow like.
-It does not hurt
-Yes it hurts the first couple weeks
-No they are not the same boobs I had before baby but they were not so perfect to begin with, that's why that have those fancy push up bras!
-I do not think my baby is better that other babies because she is breastfed. I think she is better for a variety of other reasons.



amber said...

it's amazing how judgmental people can be.

Becky said...

Charlie has teeth and I'm still breastfeeding. I haven't gotten much in the way of commentary yet but I'm thinking I'll either go with "What did Jesus' mommy do?" or "I just don't want the WHO to come and kick my ass" (they do feel quite strongly about the whole BF thing) in the way of a response. Hang in there!