Friday, August 17, 2007


It may be time to get new glasses when:

-you see an old woman walking her dog while wearing a WWII war helmet only to drive a little closer and see that she is in fact wearing a sun visor.

-you see three volleyball type things in a field only to see that in fact they are birds....that move...and are alive.

-you have to roam the parking lot at work for 5 minutes because you can no longer spot your car (or is that memory loss??).

-you and your mother spend your time asking each other "can you see what it says? No, can you? I can't, you squint and figure it out, I give up."


Amy said...

At least you wear your glasses. I don't even wear mine. Because the baby bent them all to hell and I haven't taken them in to be tweaked back into place yet. And besides, I like putting my life, as well as the lives of other innocent, glasses-wearing drivers in danger when I journey out at night. Where is your sense of adventure?

Becky said...

Before I got my first pair of glasses, I didn't realize you were suppossed to be able to see the leaves on the trees instead of just blobs of green.

Sizzle said...

i wear glasses and i still can't find my car most of the time. i don't think that will fix it, sorry to say. i refer to myself as a "parktard" because i forget where i've parked my car alllll the time.