Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Name Game

When it comes to a first, middle and last name I for one have been blessed. No, I am not going to share, but they are original enough to make me feel special but not so strange that I am made to feel like a freak (except for one person in college who took my initials and made it into a part of the female anatomy).

Being in a business where I come in constant contact with new people or at least their information, I have come across some strange ones. So in my continued effort to be thankful I bring you the following list (names I have come across):

Thank you God my name is not....

First names:

Jesus (the bar is too high)
Kevin (was a girl)

Last names:

Overfelt (especially bad as a woman)
Weiner/ Weener
Raper (he was a male)
Niggaman (I have yet to say his last name out loud)
Stumpy (I'm already on the short side)

Disclaimer: I am sorry if your name is part of the list. This name has made you the wonderful person you are but I as a weaker person never would have made it with that name....I can't run that fast.


Sizzle said...

My friend's last name is "Supple" and she is always on the look out for a guy with a last name that will go well with hers ("Supple Cox" is one of her personal faves).

I am SO glad my real name is unique even if it pains me daily to have to pronounce and spell it. I can't take anyone with the name "Dick" seriously. They have many choices for nicknames from the name Richard. Why Dick?!

Amy said...

Ok, I kid you not... my first OB/GYN's name was Peter Bump.

Google him. He does exist.