Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Purple Hair

I'm currently mulling a lot of things over. Big things, change my life things. So in my classic style I disappear from the blogosphere, which is a shame because so much fun stuff happened.

-I rescued ducklings from a storm drain by holding my sister by the ankles while yelling that I was going to drop her. I have not laughed that hard in years.
-I went out. On the town. At night. (I even wore real clothing!)
-We went to the most awesome children's museum.
-I'm talking to "people" from my past who I've missed for too long.
-I dyed my hair purple just in time to be a bridesmaid.*

*I need to make sure you people are paying attention. If you didn't know, I have never dyed my hair. I'm waiting for the grey!

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