Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Holding the Chuppah

Smerm and Jerm were married this weekend and I held the Chuppah. This was the most amazing wedding ever. The weather was perfect in the CT/NY mountains, there was no cell phone reception (awesome (and I am being sincere)), the evenings were crisp and I was with my best friends from high school.

It was like being at summer camp except without all the awkward teenage moments. Now we were all cool kids and one of us was getting married, one of us had a kid, one of us was starting out as an amazing artist (what up Jew- yah) and we all got to celebrate the marriage of two people who actually belong together....who glow because they have each other.

This glow has eaten my brain apparently and now I'm all mushy. I seriously have to get on this finding my soul mate.....right as soon as I finish divorcing my last "soul mate".

This wedding was a true blend of both of them and a reflection of all that they are. I thought Latins were the dancing kings but I was wrong, it is Jewish men that have the moves. The history that was involved in the songs, the service, the dancing it reminded me of how much I wanted to be a Jew in high school and why it still appeals (thank God my mom doesn't read this because right now she would have had a stroke and I would have to be praying to the sweet baby Jesus for her to recover).

Today I am recovering from a happy hang over and saying hi to all my high school friends (what up Brbs) and missing them.


Brb said...


I wanted to comment just to comment, and I promise to continue commenting. alright, overuse of the word 'comment'!

It was so great to see you! The muffin is the cutest!

julia said...

well said viv! your mom and humbe's mom could join a support group for mothers of with converted daughters :-)

(is it weird that i am stalking you on blogspot, facebook and myspace?)