Thursday, September 11, 2008

High & Lo*

Yesterday evening I had the chance to catch up with a friend from college and she mentioned that while she enjoyed reading the blog it seemed to be on the negative side. What do I say to that besides the obvious rationalization? So I thought I should mention a couple things.

I write this blog at work. When I get home I refuse to touch a computer and generally a phone so I may be reflecting my environment and general 9-5 mood. I also tend to write when I am all rilled up. I think writing may be a tad more therapeutic then choking various members of the general public (and I swear if my ex uses this sentence to attempt to show that I am a violent person I will give him the evil eye for the next 30 years) and being reduced to a puddle of goo.

In recent months this blog has become a forum for me to bitch and moan with a sampling of sexually repressed anecdotes. I pride myself on being as vocal in person as what I write on the page but seriously.......if another person talks to me about the hand cramping incident I may have to crawl under a rock and die. Do you really want to ruin THAT for me?? I kid. Kind of.

Don't worry bloggy and real life friends. I continue to have joy in my life each and everyday and always see the humor. A lot of this stuff sucks, but it is also really funny. Because if you don't laugh you cry and I look just awful crying!

My family and friends are like no others. They lift me up and remind me of who I am and who I can be. Because of all the different paths that you have taken I see what is out there and see that happiness and joy come in different packages. You guys ROCK!



t2ed said...

We shall never speak of hand cramps again.

But that's what you get for playing all that Guitar Hero on difficult mode.

bambi said...

you lift me up, too. thanks for listening, and making me think happy thoughts. you know, i often think about that ferris wheel on particularly gorgeous days....

miss you lots, SMIV.

want something to cheer you up at work?:

Anonymous said...

It's your LIFE, life is not always warm fuzzies and happy thoughts.

I write much better when there is some kind of emotion driving me, and in my blog, it usually ends up being the negative. Those are the feelings I need to get out to get rid of. I do have plenty of happy moments, but I'm usually too busy enjoying them to think about blogging them.