Monday, July 7, 2008


Brutally Honest Mondays” border=

I spend more time not working than working (at work).
I am constantly complaining about work yet doing very little to change it.
I could be happy in my current position.
I need to pull my head out of my ass.

This weekend I saw The Secret. While some of it is a little mystical for me, most of it was spot on. I spend so much of my time and energy dwelling on the negative and the bad in my life that I am attracting the negative. Bad Out=Bad In.

In recent days I have really tried to focus on the positive, the beautiful and to be grateful. I have spent time asking myself what I really want in life and letting myself know that it is ok to want those things (a house, positive relationship, money in the bank, etc.) In this short period of time I have noticed a shift. Not to sound all crazy but this morning when I called three different companies for various bills I owed, one told me I no longer had to pay $196, one said they owed me money and the last one said my bill would be $15 less than my statement.

To be brutally honest....I am the only one standing my way. I could have it all!


Amy said...

I watched The Secret months ago. I still struggle with that whole Positive Attitude = Positive Results thing. But it definitely made me think.

Sizzle said...

It's so very true. After seeing The Secret I realized I had been believing that kind of thing for a very long time but not always acting on it. It only works if you work it!

But you are right, we are usually the only ones (at least our outlooks/mindsets) standing in our own way.

Funny we posted about similar things today. :-)

Andrea's Sweet Life said...

I haven't seen The Secret, but I do notice that when I have a positive attitude, things tend to go better in general. If I focus on the negative, Murphy's Law applies to me every 15 minutes.

Although, when I have a good attitude, the negative things that happen never seem that bad!