Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Sex with an Ex

I know the above title is such a bad idea for 1,000 different reasons that right now in my lunch time stupor I am not even going touch, but seriously.....
when you are a single mom, with a toddler, who doesn't even want to think about dating (I say this but I spend inordinate amounts of time dwelling on this topic) who is terrifyed of the idea of being naked in front of someone "new" what sort of options are out there.

The obvious solution would be keeping it in my pants but in regards to this topic I am apparently not the smartest cookie. I have needs....needs that have been met for years (by ex Mr. Skyzi (he hated when I called him that...muahahahaha)). The whole idea of going on "solo missions" is just not as appealing.

If only I wasn't so dick dumb......


Sizzle said...

Sex with an ex is NEVER worth the hassle in my experience. It might be good during but the after? ARGH. That's what they invented sex toys for!

Becky said...

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