Tuesday, July 29, 2008

I'm not telling

Now that I am more in tune with my posting and back to posting mayyyyyybe once a week, I am once again tempted to tell certain friends about the blog (or in many cases remind them again). Seeing as I have resorted to posting about farting and my lack of sex I don't know if I need to draw attention to myself....but really, as my friends they already know the above facts.

I may keep it to myself because I have a feeling one of them is going to piss me off in the near future and if I know they are reading I don't want to go all passive aggressive on their ass! Plus I have no time to talk on the phone because I discovered this.

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Sizzle said...

Yeah don't tell them. Too many people who know me in real life know about my blog so I can't bitch! I fear my tenants will discover it and out will go THAT. And I KNOW work peeps have found it so I can't say anything shitty about them either.

But that's what Twitter is for.