Friday, July 25, 2008

My version of Best Week Ever

I have been posting in my head quite regularly but on here not so much. So a hodge podge of "events" are all waiting to be written down. So here is what has been happening:

-In an effort to clean and purge I went through a lot of things that I have saved for memory. I sorted through pictures of prom, junior prom, soccer, flute, guitar and piano (I was totally over committed)and cracked myself up with the visual tragedy that was my wardrobe. I also came across my grandfathers (on my mom's side) suicide note. I had that buried so deep in my memory that it shocked the shit out of me. I found this probably about 10 years ago when going into his things and I took it so my mom would never see it. It was his note of how he had started having pains, he was scared so on such and such a date he was going to swallow a lot of pills. Then there is a ps of how he was going to wait a day because the weather was bad. Then there is a final entry of how he was still alive even after taking the pills.

He died in hospice care.

-I received a call from an ex boyfriend yesterday (the boyfriend before the ex husband) and his first question was "you want a white picket fence in your yard right?" Then he told me he was writing a book about his life and that I was in it. He wants me to read it and give my honest opinion.......this is also a boyfriend who broke up with me.....over the phone.....we had our children's names picked out....

-In the past two weeks the office building that I work in has been filled with cameras. Burn Notice was filming and then some movie where I recognized no one.

As an intelligent woman I know that television/media does not reflect an accurate picture of the general public but seeing it in the flesh was almost funny. The "normal business people" walking around the building and in the courtyards were the best looking people I have seen in ages. As part of the general public (at least in Miami) let me tell you, if someone doesn't have flip flops, another one doesn't have camel toe and another one doesn't have a sun burn, it IS NOT accurate.

If you see a woman exit an elevator yakking on the phone looking embarrassed and ridiculously under dressed on Burn Notice, you have just seen the author of this blog.

Have a great weekend!

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t2ed said...

Please tell me those kids' names were going to be Bernie & Noticia.

Oh, and you'll be able to see yourself on Burn Notice because you'll be the one not badly acting.