Friday, June 15, 2007

The Odyssey

So we moved, at least we started to. The apartment was not in the shape we expected it to be in so repairs are being done as we speak. Rain plagued our movers (my family& I) so we got 1/4 of the stuff moved. The tubs had to be re-fiberglassed (that is the technical term) so now there is the stank of paint and tub. Our first night without the baby (hanging with G&G while the paint dried) I had envisioned as a spectacularly romantic time with 70's porn music playing in the background as two young parents enjoyed some alone time.....wink, wink. It actually ended with two exhausted people lying next to each other passed out in a fume enhanced sleep only to be woken by emergency vehicles now audible with the open windows.

So I am tired, mentally fuzzy (I'm blaming the fumes) and my apartment does not look like a page in a magazine......yet. On top of it all I have no internet and for some, even worse I have no TV, so until that gets fixed I will say good mornin, good afternoon and good night..... I have a very sexy weekend filled with boxes, brooms and clorox.

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Becky said...

I am sooo very glad we aren't due to move for a while yet. Yeah for the new diggs but I don't envy you the work. I bet it was a huge help to have your parents there. I don't think I could live with my parents at this point but visiting them when my husband is out of town is always nice.