Friday, June 20, 2008

B day aftermath

It was hard but I pulled me head out of my ass! Yesterday was a nice day and I am so thankful that I have friends (internet and "real life") who reached out. I am a lucky girl to have friends who remember it's my day when in reality I have no clue when their birthday's are. So if you want a birthday shout out make sure you let me know!

My family made a fantastic dinner for me and then my brother and I proceeded to watch six episodes of Weeds. Did I mention that I love that show?!?

Tomorrow wil be the real celebration with a bunch of us going out. If they are lucky I will wear my good bra (also known as the bra that actually lifts my boobs and squishes them together), real shoes, makeup and my good underwear! Look out Miami, I'm going out (and by going out I mean home by 1 things have changed....I'm actually sleepy thinking about it!)

What are you guys doing this weekend?

1 comment:

Sizzle said...

I love the bit about the bra. Look out Miami! I bet you'll be having such a great time you won't even realize it's 1am. ;)