Thursday, June 19, 2008

Birthday Blahhhhh

I hate that all that I do here is come to whine but I type faster than I write and I have always been too lazy to write in a journal. So yeah.....let the pitty party begin!

This is the first birthday in a longtime where I don't have that special someone to embrace, to kiss and to celebrate with. After 21, birthdays have been pretty anticlimactic so at this point in the game there are few people to really make a fuss.

Truth be told.....I enjoy the fuss. At this point I crave the fuss.....I'm not proud of that but it is what it is. I am emotional, I have been speaking with my soon to be ex too much (he started taking meds and is a compeltely different person)and I am so emotionally needy right now that I cannot even stand myself.

Here is to hopping this next year is full of success and joy!


Amy said...

Happy Birthday!!

I hope someone does make a fuss for you, dammit! I enjoy that stuff, too.

Sizzle said...

Birthdays are all about FUSS. I really hope someone makes a big deal out of it for you.