Thursday, April 26, 2007


So in the effort to write something/ anything because I don't like it when other people don't update today I will be discussing the Muffin sounds month 7.

You may have read the joy my daughter brought to my life when she uttered ma-ma. Apparently mama is not only the name for the woman who gave birth to her but is also a synonym for:

-Pick me up
-I've fallen and I can't get up
-Get me out of here
-Give me boob

Now in addition to the ma-ma and the occasional "hi" she has started to enjoy any sound she can make. This includes a new sound that is very similar to the cough that smokers have. It is a very intentional sound which I initially thought was hysterical, now not so much.

It is a little baby hack.....thinking about it makes me laugh because she is always smirking when she makes the sound, I think she knows it makes me laugh and makes her father panic. My mom thinks she is choking, the hubs thinks she is going to ruin her vocal cords, I think once she figures out another sound she will move on. Until then I have a muffin who could be the spokes baby for Truth the anti-smoking campaign.

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