Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Is there a patch for the internet?

I'm addicted. There is this whole new world that I have found and it has no limits. I click on one persons page and read it, read it, read it, read it. I have gotten to the point (over and over again) where I cannot find the original blog that inspired me to read the rest. This is getting in the way of my "real life".

I love to read, always have but it is getting a little out of control. Reading bogs in combination with trying to master other websites to be able to link into this website with trying to figure out how the hell to put up a masthead, this is turning into a full time job..... don't I already have one of those. Just like everything else I suppose I need balance, but I never was very good at that. I tend to be all or nothing.

What are your favorite pages (any type)?


amber said...

blogs. i keep up with the rest of the world via osmosis from my soon-to-be-husband, so no news sites.

i also love flickr. i find looking at other people's photos inspiring, and i love seeing what fellow bloggers (like RSM, who i happen to love) look like.

Skyzi said...

I have issues with that now. This baby weight is NOT cute, it may be awhile before a full body shot is uploaded!