Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Fear at 30,000 feet

So I don't actually know how high a plane flies but I'm going with 30,000 feet for today.

I just got off the phone with a lurking friend of mine and remembered something:

I am taking a flight next Tuesday with my 7 month old daughter....and as this "friend" (just kidding) reminded me "I hate people who bring babies on the plane, I always give them the dirtiest looks."

I am one of those people! The baby people with all the ridiculous bags. Don't they know to pack light???

Pack light, ha, ha, ha.

I need the car seat for the rental, the playpen for her to sleep in, 40 outfits for her (and us) because lately its gone from snowing to 80 degrees in NY and diapers, toys and anything else that isn't installed at home......because we might forget something. If that happens the world will end, didn't you know? In addition to the world ending there are no stores in the tri-state area, I am the only one with an infant.

Just so you know, I am never, ever, sarcastic.

I have to call my mom now and tell her to use those smart baby flash cards again. This is the first time the muffin is meeting a lot of people, all future impressions will be judged by this one. No pressure muffin, no pressure.

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Mrs. Flinger said...

Ohh, yea.. .at some point you cross over from "Them" to "We" and suddenly you empathize with those babies on a plane. Good luck! :-)