Friday, April 13, 2007

These are a few of my favorite things

Damn Sound of Music song stuck in my head....

I love to travel.
This has probably been one of the hardest things to let go of since getting married, having a baby, putting down roots. I chose to live in the same city as my parents because I wanted to have a tight nuclear family, I grew up with my grandparents and loved it and I want the same for my kids.

With that said, I get extremely stir crazy. I love being in different cultures, learning new things and seeing history live. I have learned the most about myself when traveling. Being a fish out of water lets you see what is important and what is trivial.

I love to read.
This is my saving grace. Historical fiction or a topic relating to something I am going through at the moment are my favorites. Reading allows me to mentally travel. When I was pregnant my favorite weekend activity was to read through a whole book. Any problems are forgotten and suddenly I can be in an exotic locale.

I need to make a more concentrated effort to set aside time to read. In the past couple months I have been better. I love seeing what other people are reading, I am hoping to start reviewing books in the next couple days.

I love my friends and family.
I'm coming to NY people!!! I have been blessed to pick up friends throughout my life. These women are an amazing, brilliant and beautiful group. Because I live in Miami with the lure of palm trees I see them on a regular basis but even without seeing them I know they are always here.

I don't exactly know where this post is going and I don't like the way it is set up (it is always so much better in my head).
What are you guys reading?
What is the best place you have travelled to? (My answer is the island of Capri, just off of Naples, Italy. Damn those Italians do it right!).


Emily said...

Oh man, have you opened pandora's box. I could go on and on about my favorite books... but I wont cause that would give everyone a headache (ask Jeremy). I will recommend one book that I just finished reading. The World to Come by Dara Horn. Its definitely Jewish in theme, but not annoyingly. And you are an honorary member of the tribe anyway. There is a bit of art history, a bit of intrigue, but the best part is the last ten pages (I trust you wont skip the whole book and just read those!!!). I think it should be mandatory reading for any pregnant woman or recently pregnant woman - without giving it away, it is one of the most beautiful passages I have ever read on what happens before you are born. Ok, I have already gone on too long. Cant wait to see you :)

julia said...

as the person who told emily to read that book, i second her recomendation! its such a pleasure to stay updated on your life, keep up the blogging!

Becky said...

Baby is about to wake, so this is quick...

I'm doing my Harry Potter canon re-read at the moment. I'm also totally sucked in by the Sookie Stackhouse Southern Vampire series. Dead Until Dark is one of the titles.

Yes, I'm all about the escapist read. :-)