Friday, April 20, 2007

Testing, one, two, testing

I read somewhere once about the phenomenon that as women we work so hard for so long not to get pregnant and then work so hard to get and maintain a pregnancy and I could relate.

So now I have my little bundle of joy and the mission is once again deployed to keep this muffin an only child for a couple years.

Um yeah, so this whole food poisoning, nauseous, wanna barf but can't, stomach upset etc. has scared the piss out of me. It took a couple days and countless people asking if I was pregnant for me to ask myself "could this be true??"

Let me give you the background: My entire immediate family knew I was pregnant before I did. Apparently there are several tell tale signs, so much for knowing my body.

Anywhoooo, so yeah, not pregnant thank you very much. This whole reproduction/ sex thing is so complicated.....and something that is so necessary....

I want a more long term solution for this problem but am scared of compromising my future off spring capabilities. It is very hard to tread line of current needs and future needs/ desires.

Sorry to go there....women have it so much harder! It's all on us and that is all I have to say about that.

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Becky said...

So, this has really been a non-issue on the whole with the amazing, sleep-in-25-45-minute-intervals child but, I have heard good things from others about IUDs. The copper ones don't interfere with breastfeeding but I thought that there was some sort of health caution about them so you'd want to do some research.